4 Prayer leaders booked.


Dhudial Police on the direction of DPO Muhammad Haroon Joyia booked 4 administrators of 4 different mosques. Who had installed more than 1 loudspeaker at the mosques. ASI Ameen Akhtar booked the incharge of Masjid Mohammadi of village Farid Kasar Allah Ditta who installed two loudspeakers while Punjab Govt. allowed only one speaker in the mosque. Sub-Inspector M. Malik registered a case against the incharge Sadiq Mosque at Kot Iqbal, Nazar Hussain and two loudspeakers were fixed on the roof top of the mosque. ASI Abudl Rehman booked the incharge of Madni Mosque Kot Iqbal Azhar Nawaz who also installed two loudspeakers at the mosque. The incharge of Bilal Mosque Kot Iqbal Abid Ghulam Hussain was also booked by as two loudspeakers were installed at the mosque. Separate 4 cases were registered against the accused under 6-Punjab Sound System Act and police started searching them.


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