A transporter was murdered during dacoitee resistance.


CHAKWAL: A transporter was brutally murdered at Village Hattar in the area of Kallar Kahar Police Station in between Monday and Tuesday night when 3 armed persons tress passed into the house in a bid of dacoitee. Transporter Zulfiqar Haider along with his family was sleeping in the house when the 3 accused entered and on pistol point they ordered to handover everything to them. 56 years old Zulfiqar Haider resisted and the accused opened fire on him and he was killed on the spot. The Adeel Haider the son of the transporter was sleeping at the roof and he made an alarm and with the help of neighbors two accused were caught red handed and they were identified Sadiq Fateh Ali of village Hattar and M. Ashrf resident of village Lillah while the 3rd accused was managed to make good his escape from the scene. Adeel Haider was also injured during the scuffle with the accused. Kallar Kahar Police Sub-Inspector Ghulam Abbas rushed on the spot and after having autopsy of the dead body from DHQ Chakwal Police registered a case of murder and attempt of murder and dacoitte against he accused and started investigation. It is learnt that the accused had a information that the transporter Zulfiqar Haider had an amount of rupees 4 lac at his house. The transporter Zulfiqar Haider was the first cousin of renowned political activist of PPP Nasir Hattar. The deceased Zulfiqar Haider was also running a big departmental store in the village. Police sources told that the accused Sadiq Fateh Ali was punished death sentence in a murder case and he was released a year ago from the jail.


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