At Chakwal Mother,son and daughter drowned in mini dam


By Zumray Khan
CHAKWAL: A mother, her son and daughter were drowned at Dhoke Jabbi Mini Dam near village Thoha Mehram Khan on Monday. The ill-fated mother Farzand Begum was washing clothes at the bank of mini dam while his 10 years old son and 8 years old daughter were bathing in the dam. Suddenly they both went into deep water and they started crying for help. The mother knowing that she was not a swimmer she jumped into the dam to save her son and daughter. Faizan Ramzan 10 years old, Mubeen 8 years old and Farzand Bibi were died on the spot and their dead bodies were brought out by the villagers after hectic effort. It is interesting that the woman of the villages in the remote areas often used to clean their clothes at the bank of dam and nullahs along with their small kids and due to rainy season the water has become deep and they were used to assess that the depth of the dams and nullahs is normal but it is not so and many people were used to be killed due to this ignorance. The people have asked that the some protected measures must be adopted in the nullahs and mini dams to save the lives of the innocent people.


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