Chairman M.C Chakwal Ch. Sajjad Ahmed Showed his Power and Warned his Opponents in Press Conference.


By Zumray Khan
Chairman Municipal Committee chakwal Ch. Sajjad Ahmed explained in a press conference that he has the favor of 32 members among 47 total members of this house. But existing GOVT party has tried to take over this house illegally and unconstitutionally which is against law and morality and an insult of public mandate. 27 members were present in this press conference. He further added that some three female and 5 male members could not attend this conference due to some unavoidable reasons. But they are our staunch supporters. He said that it is our fault that we were selected on PML(N) tickets. He warned that if GOVT party did not stop their interference in Municipal Committee state of affairs, we will be forced to knock at the Court’s door to resolve the issue.


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