Civil and Military pensioners’ must be given due respect.



January 14

Chairman Defense Production Committee Senate Lt. Gen. ( R ) Abdul Qayyum said on Sunday that the present political situation is not up to the mark, Pakistan is facing threat from USA but the with the grace of Allah Pakistan stood firm and gave a very positive message to USA that do more is required from your side, we have sacrificed our 70,000 people against the war and terrorism that was initiated by USA, therefore all the political parties must work for National Unity and to strengthen the state. He was talking to the media at Chakwal Press Club after attending civil and military pensioners’’ convention at Chakwal Press Club. Gen. Qayyum was of the view that superior judiciary is working independently and also giving the verdict against the govt. but in past the military dictators used all the state institutions in their favour to prolong their military rule. He further told that difference of opinion is the spirit of democracy but it must not be exceeded to become a threat to the state. Earlier while speaking in the pensioners’ convention Gen. Qayyum told that ex-armed forces personnel are the most honorable and respectable people and their problems regarding pensions and medicals must be resolved on priority basis. Chairman of the pensioner association Captain Maqbool Hussain presented welcome address and told that the retired pensioners were facing great hardships in front of the post offices and banks while the widow, patients and disabled pensioners had a very pity situation and they were waiting till evening in front of the post offices and banks to get their pensions. Chairman Chakwal Press Club Khawaja Babar Saleem Mahmood assured the pensioners that the problems would be highlighted in the media as military pensioners stood with the country and saved Pakistan in 1965 and 1971’s war. He proposed that the veterans of the war must be considered as the most respectable people of the country and special identity must be given to them and special identity cards are to be issued to them. Raja Zameer-ur-Din Advocate, Havaldar Fateh Noor Mir, Subedar Muhammad Akhtar, Captain Lajwar Khan also spoke in the convention. Brigdare (R) Ghulam Ali, Brigdare (R) Malik M. Hafeez, Colonel  ( R ) M. Tariq, Raja Irfan Shahzad were also present on this occasion. Special prayer was made for the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan while a cake was also cut to express the solidarity with the heroes of war.


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