Code of conduct implemented in true spirit in Muharram.


CHAKWAL: All the religious organizations of different sects and other stakeholders have assured the District Administration that now love, peace, brotherhood and sectarian harmony will be observed during the sacred month of Muharram and code of conduct issued by the district administration would be implemented in its true spirit and close look is to be taken on the procession of Muharram. This assurance was made by the religious leader in a District Peace Committee meeting that held at Community Centre on Monday and it was jointly presided over by Deputy Commissioner Dr. Umar Jahangir and DPO M. Haroon Joiya. Deputy Commissioner was of the view that no procession without license is to be allowed and strict action would be taken against the violation. DPO Haroon Joiya told that fool proof security plan has been issued and it would be implemented in its true spirit. DPO suggested that all the stake holders must have a close look on the processions and the suspected people must be pointed out in the near Police Station. He further told that Falcon Force, Elite Force and Commandos would be deployed on the most sensitive processions of 7th Muharram. DPO further told that Army is also to be called to maintain law and order situation and army troops would assist the district administration.


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