Congo-Virus diagnosed in a woman at CHakwal


A 30 years old married woman was hit by a Congo-Virus at village Matan Kalan of Tehsil Kallar Kahar some 40 Kms from Chakwal. Hafeeza Begum was feeling ill and she was shifted to DHQ Hospital Chakwal and from there she was referred to Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi. Various tests of Hafeeza Begum were inducted and congo virus was found positive. The husband Muhammad Rasheed told that they are keeping animals to earn their livelihood at his house and it is feared that congo virus was hit to her from these animals. Hafeeza Begum was in serious condition when shifted to Rawalpindi Hospital. It is important that every year one and another person is to be hit with congo virus despite the tall claim of Punjab Govt. that congo virus has been eliminated.


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