Crippled democracy is better than ruthless martial law.


The leader of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists CR Shamsi on Sunday told that crippled democracy is far better than the Martial Law as democracy only can guarantee the freedom of press and more than 60,000 political activists were jailed by Military dictator Gen. Zia ul Haq. Hundreds out of them were lashed and even 4 journalists were not spared and they were also  lashed and the present freedom of expression came with a shear struggle of the journalists community, the accountability must be even handed and those who violated the constitution and more than 400 bureaucrats, generals and other mafia whose names were in the list of Panama Papers must be brought into the book. He was speaking at the press card distribution ceremony at Chakwal Press Club and the function was presided over by Chairman Chakwal Press Club Khawaja Babar Saleem Mehmood. 13 office bearers and members were awarded press cards in a simple but impressive ceremony. CR Shamsi further told that it is pity that a Supreme Court is hearing the case at Shahrah-e-Dasoor in the morning while more than 100 channels were also conducting their courts at night time after 8 o clock and they are also announcing the verdicts in one way and the other. CR Shamsi was of the view that Supreme Court is to be allowed to announce the decision and the other so called media courts must be stopped. Chairman Chakwal Press Club Kh. Babar Saleem Mahmood told that the journey started from a footpath some 31 years ago now developed into a big institution and Chakwal Press Club is a media headquarter of Chakwal Distt. and Press Club is providing fastest information throughout the world regarding Chakwal DIstt. in social, electronic and print media


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