Female nurses of DHQ Hospital Chakwal protest against admin officer.


February 6
Chakwal: Female nurse of DHQ Hospital Chakwal on Tuesday held a protest against the admin officer who was caught red handed with a young female security guard in a doctor room at night duty. The nurses were chanting slogans against the admin officer and demanded his immediate removal from the seat. The nurses also protested that in the media the name of female nurse was used who was caught red handed with admin officer. Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Anjum Qadeer and senior officer Dr. Aazam Samur assured the protesting nurses that the inquiry against the admin officer has been initiated but nurses rejected the assurance and they demanded immediate transfer of the admin officer. The admin officer was caught red handed some days ago with a female security guard who was recruited on daily wages. The admin officer and the female security guard were caught red handed but the DHQ Hospital administration tried to hide the situation but the matter was leaked out to the media. Admin officer however was denying and termed this incident as a conspiracy of private hospital against him. A CEO Health Dr. Amjad Hashmi also rushed on the scene and when he declared that the admin officer was suspended, and then the nurses ended the strike. It is worth mentioning here that the DHQ Hospital Chakwal and 68 basic health units of Distt. Chakwal and all the THQ Hospitals have been handed over to private management company and a grade 19 officer of DMG Group was appointed as Distt. Manager of this company and all the staff and hospitals were made sub0ordinate to him even Deputy Commissioner Chakwal who is the administrator of Distt. Health Authority in technical term is to work under Distt. Manager Badar Aalam.


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