First martyr of September 1965 War Naik Abdul Ghafoor is from Chakwal.


CHAKWAL: The first martyr of September 1965 war is Naik Abdul Ghafoor of village Dharoogi, Chakwal and he combat with the Indian forces at BRB Canal in the early hours of 6th September, ultimately Indian forces had captured BRB Canal and they were ready to move towards Lahore and the order of the day from General Arora was on the air that tea break at Shalamar Bagh. In the meantime Naik Abdul Ghafoor with his machine gun opened indiscriminate firing on the Indian forces and ultimately halted the attack and then the Pakistan Army was in position to move swiftly on the border and General Khuda Dad blasted the bridge of BRB Canal and then the attack was repulsed and the history was written in golden words. This was stated by Captain(R) Maqbool Hussain who was among the Pak Army which resisted the Indian attack on BRB. Captain Maqbool Hussain then Sipahi in 1965 war briefed about the situation arisen at the time of Indian attack. The programme was arranged by Chakwal Press Club to pay homage to the martyrs of September 1965 war. Kahawaja Babar Saleem, Pir Abdul Shakoor Naqshbandi, Iqbal Feroz, Malik Safi ud Din Safi, PResdient Distt. Bar Ch. Amjad Hassan Ali also spoke on this occasion and paid rich tribute to the martyrs of September 1965 war. The speakers were of the view that Chakwal Distt. is the land of martyrs and Ghazis and more than 1000 army personals have laid down their lives to save and protect the mother land since 1947. Iqbal Feroz disclosed that 60% army personals were from Chakwal, Attock and Jhelum in the First and Second World War and Chakwal is the land of people who sacrificed and gave blood and this is the characteristic of Chakwal Distt. Captain Maqbool Hussain further told that Fakhr-e-Hind Division of Indian Army was deployed in 1965 war to capture Lahore and 1 year’s planning was to be made to implement this plan but the valiant Pakistan Armed Forces not only destroyed the Indian plan but wrote the history of shear defense in the golden words. At the end a cake was cut to make solidarity with the martyrs and Ghazis of Chakwal Distt. who laid their lives for their motherland.


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