Hafiz Ammar Yasir Resignation Caused a Major Upset in District Chakwal Politics


By Zumray Khan

CHAKWAL: Provincial Minister of Muslim League Q Hafiz Ammar Yasir resigned. His resignation badly affected not only district politics but also Punjab GOVT.

Hafiz Ammar Yasir revealed that major cause of his resignation is rude behavior of Principal Secretary of C.M Punjab but sources confirmed that PM Imran Khan raised a question mark on the performance of Ammar Yasir after 100 days evaluation of Ministers performance. On the other side sources told that Monis Elahi, Ch. Salak Hussain who was elected in by-election from NA-65 have not been participated in federal cabinet. So this resignation is a pressure tactic of Muslim League Q. however a special meeting between CM Punjab and Ch. Pervaiz Elahi has taken place to resolve the issues and provincial information minister Fayyaz Chohan expressed his opinion that all the matters between two parties have been settled down and Hafiz Ammar Yasir will resume his charge as a minister soon.


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