Illicit arms recovered from Sarkalan at Chakwal


CHAKWAL: A search operation directed by DPO M. Haroon Joiya, Buchal Kalan Police Check Post along with heavy contingent of Police started search operation at village SarKalan and nabbed a proclaimed offender and 6 others and recovered good quantity of illicit arms from them. Sub-Inspector Badar Munir raided at village Sarkalan on the tip of the informer that a proclaimed offender of a murder case Nasir Iqbal was present at the house of M. Ishaq and Ishaq is providing all out assistance to the proclaimed offender. Seeing the police party M. Ishaq helped proclaimed offender Nasir to fled away from the scene, police arrested Ishaq however proclaimed offender managed to make good his escape from the scene. Police also recovered 30 bore pistol and 5 bullets from the facilitator Ishaq. Police then arrested Sher Zman and recovered 12 bore gun and 6 cartridges from him. Police also arrested Firdous Jamal and recovered 30 bore pistol and 6 bullets from him. Police also recovered a 12 bore gun that was thrown by M. Ajmal and he was managed to make good his escape from the scene. Then police arrested M. Ejaz and recovered 222 rifle and 8 bullets from him. Separated cases were registered against the accused and started investigation.


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