National or technocrat government is an unconstitutional step.


CHAKWAL: Formation of technocrat or national government is an extra constitutional step and it will not be accepted by all the political parties of the country and other stake holders of the federation of Pakistan and the present constitution is the only barrier which is protecting the interest of the all the people from different regional and lingual interest. This was stated by senator of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party Muhammad Usman Kakar while addressing at meet the press program at Chakwal Press Club on Wednesday Afternoon. Senator Aazam Musa Khel, Haji Abdul Qayyum and Khan Hakeem Khan were also present on this occasion. He was confident that the intervention of military regine into the civil govt. would harm the federation and the previous four martial laws had weakened the federation of Pakistan. He urged that senate is the symbol of federation therefore the power of senate must be laid equal to the National Assembly, Parliament is the supreme and all the institutions regarding army, judiciary executive media and other administrative units are answerable to the parliament, therefore the strengthening of parliament is the guarantee of democracy. He criticized the blockage of three lac pakhtuns who are residing in different parts of Pakistan and their ID cards were blocked by the interior ministry. He questioned that the migrated people from India have become President and Prime Minister of Pakistan while the 3 lac pakhtuns who are Pakistani nationals and they were provided id cards by NADRA department and now they have been blocked which caused great hardships to the effective pakhtuns. The senators visited the hide park of Chakwal Press Club and digital library and the senators were briefed about the working of Chakwal Press Club by Chairman Khawaja Babar Saleem Mahmood. Pakhtun-Punjab solidarity cake was also cut on this occasion.


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