Sumera bi bi recorded her statement at the court


CHAKWAL: 25 years old Sumera Bibi who married with her own choice with a man recorded her statement before the court on Monday and contented that no one has abducted her and she married with Hassan Ali according to her own will and she wanted to go with her husband Hassan Ali. Sumera Bibi was produced before the court of Civil Judge Kamran Zafar who ordered the Police to produce the abductees before the court. 4 days ago Sumera was abducted by her father and other relatives, when she came to Distt. Court to record her statement as her father Rafaqat lodged a complaint at the Mulhal Mughlan Police Check Post that Hassan Ali had abducted his daughter Sumera Bibi. A separate was also registered against her father on the complaint of her brother in law Moazzam Ali who was accompanying Sumera when she came to the main gate of Distt. Court Chakwal and Sumera Bibi was abducted by her father and other relatives. It is learnt that both the parties went into compromise and the father of Sumera Bibi and others have softened their attitude and after the recording of statement of Sumera at the court both the families have settled to accommodate the newly-wed couple.


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